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Rental Property
I offer three services for rental property: Repairs and Maintenance, Cleanout, and Cleanup.
Repairs and Maintenance:
I do all kinds of repairs for rental properties. I even offer after-hours emergency service.
The only bad part about dealing with the public is dealing with the public. Sometimes people have to get out in a hurry, and sometimes they are just plain disrespectful. I have hauled away piles and piles of pure trash and junk when someone has left a mess. The best thing to do is roll up your sleeves, put some gloves on, and get to work. I can clean out a rental property quickly and efficiently.
Of course, anybody who would leave a pile of junk for you to clean up probably wasn't very considerate about cleanliness, either. I can help with that, too! Oven, refrigerator, toilet, carpet...I can clean them all...

Thank you,

Timbo Hamilton
To schedule a service call, please call me at 919-5-TIMBO-5 (919.584.6265). Thank You! Timbo Hamilton