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I can help you with just about anything when it comes to your home. Need that flat screen TV wall-mounted? I'll make sure everything is level and the wiring is NEAT. I can also help you cut the cord from the cable or satellite company. I have helped several people do this and the results are very pleasing. For the cost of about one month's cable bill, I can install an antenna that will pick up anywhere from 20-35 channels, depending on where you live (I'll also program your TV for you). And there are some very good channels to choose from on Broadcast TV.
I can refurbish or replace your deck as well. Depending on the condition of your joists and posts, I may be able to replace the planks, build new rails, and upgrade the steps. I can custom fit the stair stringers with deep treads and a small rise so that it will be more comfortable to climb. I can also build a ramp if you or a loved one have special needs.
These are just a few of many things that I can do to make your castle more comfortable. I would love to help you improve your living situation!

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To schedule a service call, please call me at 919-5-TIMBO-5 (919.584.6265). Thank You! Timbo Hamilton